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G5 Client Center for measuring Local Search Marketing

With the G5 Client Center, we make measuring Local Search Marketing simple. Our Local Search Marketing Platform allows you to rank your different local advertising channels and organic search results. You can now easily see -- by channel

  • How much money you are spending.
  • How many unique visitors were delivered to your offer by that channel.
  • How many of those visitors converted to leads; and
  • How many of those leads converted to sales.
  • Finally, we rank channels and optimize budgets to target the ones that provide the best return on marketing spend.

That's the G5 process.

Why is this unique? Because with Local Search, the transaction originates online, but usually completes off-line. Now you have the ability to map your off-line transaction back to the online channel where it originated.

To learn more about measuring and ranking your Local Search Marketing efforts, please email: , or call us today at 541-306-3374.

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